Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel Antiperspirant 50g

Lightweight antiperspirant gel that prevents excess facial sweating.


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Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel gives long lasting results. It’s highly effective antiperspirant formulation helps prevent facial perspiration and also decreases the amount of visible facial wetness and shine for several hours. Neat Face Saver gel prevents the excess perspiration caused by stress, anxiety, warm weather and exercise. The advanced formula in Face Saver limits sweat production and reduces facial shine.

  • Reduces facial wetness and shine
  • No facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Keeps make-up looking fresh all day



Easy to apply and lightweight, the unique gel evaporates rapidly from the surface of the skin, leaving behind no residue, deposit or stickiness.



Although it can be applied at any time, Face Saver Gel is best applied before other facial cosmetics. In such cases, the second product will remain on the skin for much longer and will be less influenced by facial perspiration. This can be particularly useful for products that are required to remain on the skin for as long as possible, such as make-up or sun cream.



Neat® 3B Face Saver is ideal for people working in warm climates, sportspeople and people who perspire more freely than others. a money saving twin packs is also available: Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel Antiperspirant 50g TWIN PACK



Can be applied to the forehead, upper lip and the back of the neck, avoid contact with the eyes and scalp. Use once or twice daily before applying usual skin products.



Aqua, Aluminium-Zirconium-Tetrachlorohydrex-Glycine complex (as 100%) Propylene Glycol, Cyclotetrasiloxane (and)  Cyclopentasiloxane (and) PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Cyclotetrasiloxane, Parfum.

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3 reviews for Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel Antiperspirant 50g

  1. d_chac_ggfoiutodw

    I have had problems with face sweating for years and it was only recently that I found out about this product. It really does help and I can feel the difference when im not wearing it.

  2. E

    I started to work in London a year ago and I was experiencing severe facial hyperhidrosis whilst travelling on the tube. I would also sometimes start sweating on my face badly during some situations at work. Both were very embarrassing as anyone who has experienced random facial sweating in public can attest to. It was so bad I would sometimes have to get off a station earlier and wait before I cooled down before getting on the following train, or make a trip to the bathroom just so I could wipe the sweat away.

    I would usually try to wear as little clothing as possible, in the hope that this would prevent me from over sweating. I eventually went to a doctor who prescribed me Propranolol saying that as it reduced anxiety it should help. I believed it might have helped a little bit (very little if so), but I would still experience pretty bad facial sweating.

    I was a bit hesitant to try this gel as I saw the mixed reviews, but using the 3B gel has completely stopped my facial sweating! I can even wear multiple layers with a sweater on a shirt without sweating at all on the train.

    I also use a Benzoyl Peroxide gel (Acnecide) for acne as well, so I put on the 3B gel after. This is my full routine with it:

    1) Wash face
    2) Apply benzoyl peroxide gel on face and wait a minute or so
    3) Apply 3B face saver gel on face (for me it’s mainly my forehead that sweats) and wait another minute or so
    4) Apply moisturizer
    5) Apply foundation

  3. Heather

    I have a fringe and because of medicine I take my face,especially my forehead, gets extremely sweaty and my fringe goes curly and sticks to my forehead. This has annoyed me for years so I tried this product and like magic a nice dry forehead. This is it after 6 hours out on a hot day as dry as a bone. Excellent product ordering another and one for a friend with the same problem. Only wish I had discovered this years ago!

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